July 17, 2022 ”What if?”

What if we lived our lives like we really believed our choices mattered?  Like our lives mattered?  Like God was real and mattered?  If we did, our choices would be better.  They wouldn't be self centered.  We'd put others first.  Everyone's life and communities would mater.  Because they do.  How do you live your life?  Does it matter?  During this episode, our conversation turned a bit.  It revealed some hurts that prevent us from living like our lives matter.  Hurts come from so many people, places, and things.  Church hurt is one of the most painful.  As a parent, we often think our children don't see things.  That's so untrue.  Our children see everything.  They may not understand what they see.  But, when they do, the scars can run deep and long.


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